About Us


Building Strong Communities, One Family at a Time

The Springfield Area Parent Child Center (SAPCC), a member of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network is a nonprofit organization that offers services for all pregnant women and families with young children in southern Windsor and northern Windham counties.  We believe that raising children is both a delightful and demanding job, undoubtedly the most important job there is, and we are here to offer support and education for adults and children.

The First 5 Years


The SAPCC was incorporated in 1992 to address the increasing demands on families in our area. Since then we have grown from our small space on Myrtle Street, to building a beautiful new campus on Main Street in North Springfield. Here we can now host a wide range of community services under one roof to help support families, engage community partners, and provide early childhood education and development programs.


Christie Binzen – Interim Executive Director

Angela Kelley – Development Coordinator

Tienna Howe – Receptionist, Office Manager and Worksite Supervisor

Jean Gross – Financial Controller

Celeste Marquise – Playgroup Facilitator, Resource Dev & Welcome Baby

Sarah Rose – CIS Early Intervention and Referral Coordinator

Lori Johnson – CIS Child Care Coordinator

Jillian Gurney – CIS Developmental Educator

Tynisa Bayles – CIS Developmental Educator

Cathleen Corliss – CIS Developmental Educator

Amanda Lewallen – CIS Developmental Educator

Ilsa Pinkson-Burke – CIS Nurse

Meaghan Wilson – CIS Speech Language Pathologist

Stacey Sanderson – CIS Coordinator, Learning Together program Coordinator, P. Ed & Wellness Coordinator

Nichole Downing – Child Care Subsidy Specialist

Felicity Haselton – Reach Up Case Manager


Board of Directors

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated, talented, and experienced Board of Directors. They work hard on SAPCC’s behalf and offer their personal testimony and business expertise to continue the mission of the organization. We are grateful for their contributions.

  • Christie Binzen, Interim Executive Director
  • Leigh Dakin, Chair
  • Scott Whittemore, Vice Chair & Treasurer
  • Lizzy Craig, Secretary
  • Sharon Laskevich
  • Debbie Ankuda
  • Karen Beardsley
  • Kathy Knoras
  • Christina Perkins
  • Kristen Hurd
  • Ericka Priestley
  • Susan Hennessey
  • TJ Whipple