Playworks Child Center

Quality care and preschool education for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years.

Hours of Operation

Open Monday through Friday
7:30 am – 4:30 pm.


PlayWorks Child Center aims to provide children a nurturing environment in which to grow and learn. Hands-on learning facilitated by caring teachers is intended to develop creativity and self-esteem. Early care and education are fostered through both understanding and respect for the child and family. Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the teachers to provide an atmosphere that is inviting for children and parents alike.


Our Goal

The goal is to provide children with exciting new experiences based not on formal academics, but on the principle that play is the child’s work.

PlayWorks Staff

Ariel Rose – Childcare Director

Tori Middleton – Teacher & Pre-K Coordinator

Angelina Curtis – Food Program Coordinator

Donna Battista-Young – Teacher & Classroom Coordinator

Edie DeRosia – Teacher & Classroom Coordinator

Christina Theetge – Teacher

Erin Curtis – Teacher

Hope Darrell – Temporary Teacher Assistant

Devyn Betz – Teacher Trainee

Kate Hebert – Teacher Assistant

Christy Michaud – Teacher Assistant

Keyara Hillard – Teacher Assistant